Where Did May Go?


Wow, the month of May really flew by. In between work, a business trip up to Canada, general spring upkeep stuff around the house (Spring in Colorado starts around Mother’s Day), and even a 25 mile mountain bike race, I haven’t had any real time lately to spend in the shop, or even time to produce any of the next few episodes of the Novice Garage Woodworker. Honestly, I really think I underestimated what it takes to produce something like this. But, I’m committed to the podcast and have the next 2 episodes in production now, so stay tuned.

In addition to NGW, check out my other endeavor, in conjunction with
Lumberjocks.com, The LumberJocks Interview Podcast. , you can listen to the first episode here, or download it from I-Tunes. Better yet, hop on over to lumberjocks.com and sign up. It’s free and the sense of community there is awesome. I’m proud to be a Lumberjock!

In all honesty, the time away from the shop was refreshing. First, I was able to get my internal batteries recharged, and in the process was able to do a lot of thinking about woodworking. I thought about where I want to take the podcast, how I want to arrange my shop and the rest of the garage, and some future projects I need to build. Sometimes stepping away allows you to come back better, faster, stronger…Can someone please queue the theme from the Six Million Dollar Man?

Thanks to all of you who have commented on the podcast, I appreciate your support.


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