Episode 2 - Back to School


I have 2 major announcements at The Novice Garage Woodworker.

First, I'm going back to college. I've enrolled in the Fine Woodworking program at Red Rocks Community College here in Denver for the Fall semester. I'll be going back to the basics of woodworking in the Fundamentals of Woodworking class.

Second, because of my increased work schedule and now my school schedule, I will be switching the format of the show to more of an audio format. I still plan to do videos occasionally, but I think I can produce the show better and faster through an audio format.

Enjoy Episode 2, and thanks for listening!


Shannon said...
July 29, 2008 at 7:10 AM  

I saw your site a while ago and saw no update to the podcast so I thought you had faded away. It is great that you are back at it so I downloaded all your podcasts and have been working my way through. Having lived in Denver for many years I was surprised to hear that Red Rocks has such a good program. Who knew the shop was so well equipped. Great episode!

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