I Really Am Still Alive


Loyal Novice Garage Woodworker fans: Thank you for your patience and persistence over the last few months during my absence. Several of you have written in to ask "What Happened?" and rest assured I will explain what happened in my forthcoming audio podcast.

A lot has changed in the on-line woodworking world since I dropped off, and I hope you have discovered all the latest and greatest resources out there. I encourage you to continue to check them out.

Now, get out there and build something! I'll be back with you soon.


Marty Senetra said...
July 19, 2008 at 8:07 PM  


I've never posted on your site before but I have enjoyed your 'casts and wondered why you "dropped off the face of the earth." I'm sorry to hear the reasons. My condolences to your wife and yourself.

Glad to hear you're back. You don't specify why you were in the hospital. I hope whatever it was is over.

It's getting late here in florida. I'll email you again sometime soon. Good luck with your (not so) new job.


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