Introducing The Sawdust Chronicles


Erik and Rick (Rick Waters, from The Splintered Board Podcast) finally got their stuff together and recorded the introduction to The Sawdust Chronicles.

Download the podcast and find out why we are starting up a joint podcast.

As a new woodworker, there are a ton of things you need to learn and be aware of - most are for your own safety. While making the craft less intimidating, we want to help remove the ambiguity of some woodworking terms, techniques, plans, etc.

Join us as novice woodworkers try to help novice woodworkers.


The Sawdust Chronicles said...
September 2, 2008 at 11:04 AM  


Rick and Eric……..specifically addressing the beginner/ novice, is a really good idea. It seems that everybody’s intent is to bring the new individual into woodworking, but instead we seems to add more decisions to the already complicated maze in getting started.

Of course, I’ll now through in my complication to the mix regarding the podcasters building projects.

If the new woodworker, watches the podcast without the intent of building that project and just concentrates on one aspect of the build, that is much more important than completing the entire build, like the podcaster would like and often insist.

For instance you mention a federal table and a gadget station, if the new woodworker just concentrates on one aspect, for example, the 2 sided tapered leg, he/she is off and running on there own simpler Shaker Nightstand for instance. That technique has to be applied though, because you do not improve as a woodworker unless you build.

I’m a big advocate of video podcast building, but more for showing technique than the viewer completing the selected project. No matter how complicated the project appears, they always begin at the fundamentals.

You two woodworkers are headed into an area that really needs to be deciphered. It’s gotten way to complicated out there for the new woodworker to make decisions. I believe the best project so far was the bookcase done in the Basement with Matt. Simple and straight forward. Matt and I have discussed variations that address basic design through his everyday functional bookcase project.

Some of the complication arises because the podcasters according to the “podcasting model” have to present themselves as the expert. So the podcaster tries to show there skills which “appear” too advanced. Its an odd cycle that I guess we’ll sort out.

Stay on this tack, it’s a good approach…………..Neil Visit - Woodworking Superstore!